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There two topics that each has to be at least 200 words with at least one reference.Chapter 3 The Simple Keynesian Theory of Income Determination.Two Sectors, Three Sectors and Four Sector Model of National Income Determination.It is a two-sector economy where only consumption and investment expenditures take place.Suppose the income level is OY 2 which is above the equilibrium income level OY.Keynes Theory of Income Determination: Definition and Explanation: It has been the practical experience of every country of the world that economic.

Imports, on the other hand, are leakages in the national income because they represent the supply of goods to the given economy.

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Wages, salaries and all such earnings of person employed, pensions are excluded. c).To arrive at the totality of income of nation, the following procedure will be adopted: a).Studying economic structure: it gives an idea of the structure of the economy.On the other hand, taxes are leakages in the national income like savings because they tend to reduce the demand for consumer goods.Also, the figures furnished by government officials may not be from reliable sources and data is not current.Abstract: This note shows that the same model that explains consumption and investment.

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Every region would be a separate entity requiring specialized approach suited only to that region.

It denotes aggregate money payments received by the people by way of wage, interest, profits, and rents.In the process of production there is wear and tear of fixed assets.Things to note about the Consumption Function The consumption function slopes upwards (i.e. as national income rises, so does consumption).National income definition, the total net earnings from the production of goods and services in a country over a period of time, usually one year, and consisting.But in under developed countries this method may give rise to various problems like imputation of money values to non- monetized sector.Making international comparisons: national income estimates enables us to make international comparisons and standard of living of people.Factors Determining the National Income According to Keynes there are two major factors that determine the national income of an.

For this, we relax the assumptions that there are no exports or imports and government expenditures.The money wage rate is constant. 12. There is stable consumption function. 13. The rate of interest is fixed. 14. The analysis relates to the short period.How will the equilibrium level of income be restored in the two situations.

Natural resources combined with advanced technology will go a long way in increasing the size of national income.

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Takes up unskilled work, etc. similarly, the village money lender combines his profession with the cultivating of his farm.But businessmen intend to make investment equal to dk in order to buy investment goods.

The total net value of all goods and services produced within a nation over a specified period of time, representing the sum of wages, profits.

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This figure thus arrived at will give us G.N.P. The merit of this method is that it believes in the identity between national expenditure, income and total product.This depreciation is loss to the economy and it will not be deducted from GNP produced in the economy.Contribution to international institutions: it shows the capacity of a country to bear some common burden of international institutions like the U.N.O.In each sector we make an inventory of goods produced and find out the end product making an addition to the value of goods.

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Corporate income taxes and payment towards social security measured will not be available for individuals, so these have to be deducted from what is earned.To stop further reduction in their inventories, they will increase production.It helps to make inter- sectoral comparisons and to study the rate of growth of the economy.

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By imposing a lump-sum tax, the consumption function is reduced by the amount of tax.

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Two-Sector Model: A two-sector model of income determination of an economy consists only of domestic and business sectors.Equilibrium level of national income is determined by that point where aggregate demand is equal to aggregate supply.

It is drawn by adding to the consumption function C the investment demand I.GDP: Measuring national income. Contents. About. Introduction to economics.However, it will stop at certain points to allow you to review the information being presented at your own pace.Income Method This method refers to the gross national income obtained by adding together wages and salaries, interests, profits and rents of persons and institution and including government incomes are earned either from property or through work.

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